Stunning Real Estate Photography

October 23rd, 2006

Several days ago I got this e-mail marketing piece (click on the image above to see the whole e-mail image. I think this is one of the best executed real estate marketing pieces I’ve seen.Several aspects are noteworthy:

  1. The photography is stunning- the images are all well lit and attention grabbing.
  2. The e-mail piece has been professionally laid out and is distributed in a single 675 x 1550 JPG that shows off the photography beautifully.
  3. All the external shots are done in the sun with a polarizer to get deep saturated colors.
  4. The interior shots are all beautifully lit with a crisp, sharp look.

This e-mail piece presents much like a large brochure even though it is in e-mail format. In addition to the 675 x 1550 JPG there is a link to a PDF for added impact.I think the most outstanding feature of this RE photography is the front exterior shot. Whether the photographer used some surrounding feature of the property to shoot from or shot from a pole, the elevated 3/4 angle gives this home an attractive look even though the architecture is not all that outstanding. When you look closely this is quite an ordinary home but the photograph presents it very well.In our area e-mail marketing to agents is rapidly replacing hard-copy only flyers. I get 10 to 15 e-mail pieces like this a day promoting new listings or brokers opens. E-mail is replacing paper flyers.  Some agents consider this kind of e-mail SPAM but many don’t. It’s actually a much more efficient and effective medium to get this information in. If you don’t want it, it’s gone in a click. If it does interest you it’s a better form to keep the information than paper. The trick is getting your piece to stand out from all the others. The best way to make a marketing piece standout is good photography. This piece stands out and grabs your attention because of the photography. I think this piece is a great example of what great real estate photography can do for your marketing.

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3 Responses to “Stunning Real Estate Photography”

  • At what point does this become spam? Its a great peice, i agree. Just my 2 cents.

  • Drew,
    I would say that most agents that got this particular e-mail did not consider it SPAM. It wasn’t even sent to all agents in the area of this listing. It was only sent to agents that typically market upper-end properties in the $1,000,000+ price range (probably a few hundred agents)… My wife was invited and I wasn’t.

    As an agent putting on a brokers open this is a very effective way of inviting other agents. It is also very effective at letting agents know when you put a significant property on the market.

    When we send out email like this to other agents in our local area we send out around 1500 emails and my get 1 or 2 requests to “unsubscribe”. This is very similar precentage that we encounter with postcards we send out to our immediate neighborhood of ~1000 homes we do business in.

    Targeted marketing like this is VERY effective. As a RE photographer you should be doing targeted marketing to agents in your area that are likley to need your services (either postcards, e-mails or attending agent meetings).

  • I was speaking more from the office side. Our compant restricts bulk mail (Multiple recip)and sends it to the spam folders. I guess im in a unique position, I work for the agency exclusivly in my area hence I cant hit local agants with out voiding my employment. The company car, expense account etc are not worth losing 🙂 Our marketing department sends mail every day (i take the bins to the PO) and Im aware of what you are talking about, I spent 10 years working in Direct Mail and Marketing In MD & NYC.
    I freelance out of the area on ocassion and spend more time as a freelance for several newspapers down in South Jersey. Your suggestions are dead on point. And Im going to talke to our powers that be about trying this to see what happens.

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