Real Estate Photo Guide

July 9th, 2009

What Real Estate Agents need to Know About Photography

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This guide is intended to help everyone better understand the basic aspects of using photos in real estate marketing

The posts where these documents are discussed are:

  • First post – The story behind why I wrote What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Photography also called the Real Estate Photo Guide or formally the Realtor’s Photo Guide.
  • The most recent post on this free PDF.

Feel free to redistribute these documents. If you translate this into other languages please send me a copy of the translation and I will add it to the download list below. Realtor’s Guide to Using Photos In Real Estate Marketing Downloads:

Note: This guide is free and published as Creative Commons. Please use it to promote real estate photography. Feel free to modify it, extend it give it away on your site. I simply ask that if you use it, use it to promote real estate photography. An if you see fit give credit with a link.

If you would like to translate What Real Estate Agents need to Know About Photography, contact me and I’ll send you a zip file of the English text in Adobe InDesign CS6 and all the photos.

The condensed version of the real estate photo guide:
In October 2015 I got a request to condense the real estate photo guide so I condensed it so that it can be printed on one double-sided page and be used as a marketing brochure.

Here is the condensed version

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24 Responses to “Real Estate Photo Guide”

  • Awesome sales tool… I will creat a PowerPoint pres from it for realtors.

    Thanks again!


  • I’ve update Russian version of guide and replace all images to another with high resolution.

  • Great information! Am I allowed to offer this for download on my site too? Thanks.

  • @Paul- Yes, you can give it away on your site.

  • First off, kudos…until my house sold earlier this week, I’ve had a small stack of this guide with my business card stapled to them on a table at my house along with my realtor’s throwsheets and a local mortgage broker’s throwsheets. If you’re moving, and you have a realtor that’s cool with letting you do this, it’s nearly free advertising. I got great response from my realtor and a number of buyers’ agents she had go through the place; my realtor asked if it’s possible to get a whole pile of these to distribute to everyone in her local office, and so I ask:

    Is it possible to have the photos as well in a version that’s editable? (e.g. a zip of your source document, assuming you did it in InDesign or something else usable). I’d like to create a customized version with my logo and whatnot (avoid having to staple a business card to this, which is a bit difficult due to how it’s laid out), but using a number of the example photos to show technical issues. Thanks!

  • Martin- Sure, I can provide all the parts of the guide separately so you can lay it out in whatever application you choose. I currently have it in Adobe InDesign CS3. If you want the InDesign file I can send it to you right away. Give me a couple of days and I’ll break it down into text and photos.

  • I’d like to post this article as a guest post on my home staging blog (wordpress) Can I get your photos as jpegs? I’m able to copy & paste the text, just not the photos. Thanks!

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  • Is it ok if I make this into html and put it on my site as a web page? I also want to paste that html into an email to realtors.

  • Roy- Yes, you can use it however works best for your marketing. Just give me credit in the form of a link to

  • It is all about realtor photo guide blog summary which is really useful to all agents of real estate..thanks to share it. please keep it up.

  • Hi Larry,
    May I just commend you and all who contribute to the vast knowledge base that is PFRE!!
    I really like Martin Knowles idea of customizing this guide with my own contact information and using it is that regard.
    MayI possibly have a psd zip or photoshop editable file of this guide in order to customize it for various uses on my website and to hand out to agents?

    Thanks and have a great day!

  • Thanks for the good info and real estate relevance 🙂

  • Hi Larry,

    Thank you for this great informational packet. If you are still willing and still have the original files, could you send them my way as well like you did for Martin? I’d like to include it with my sales material as well. Also I’m planning on listing my business in your directory once I get more dialed in.

    Thank you for this great resourceful site!


  • Hi Larry,
    Thank you for the knowledge you so generously share. I posted it in my real state page in Spanish. My collegues loved it and found it very useful.

    Thanks again and may you be showered with even more talents and success.


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  • […] Photography For Real Estate » Real Estate Photo Guide – What Real Estate Agents need to Know About Photography Free Downloads This guide is intended to help everyone better understand the basic aspects of using photos in … […]

  • Hello Larry,

    We are a French Canadian photography / video agency. We have more and more inquiery for real estate pictures and we plan to open a section on our web site in first quarter of 2016 about it. My question are:

    I will translate it to French interested to have it and post it on your web site?
    Can I have the original Ai ou ID files?
    Can I have a file with pictures used?

    I want to do it high quality and my try with the PDF have poor results (pictures.)

    Thanks in advance and many thanks for this great tool!


  • I’ve sent Daniel Beaudoin the files for translation so we should soon have a version of this guide in French.

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback on the guide!

  • […] en este campo, no sólo como fotógrafo si no también como agente inmobiliario. Ha escrito una guía de fotografia inmobiliaria para agentes, son sólo unas cuantas páginas dirigidas a agentes en un lenguaje sin tecnicismos y a […]

  • I love that opening line: “If the real estate company you hired to sell your home shows up with a ‘point-and-shoot’ camera, FIRE THEM!” Robert Preville’s infographic really says it all. The second of the ‘Ten Essentials’ says the focal length of the lens should be between 14mm and 24mm. I shoot with a 10mm lens and love it. Do you see any problem with a 10mm?

  • Hi Larry!

    Love the guide and we would love to translate it to Norwegian, plus post a web-friendly version on our site,, our Norwegian site, as well as our Blog. We think it would be really useful information for our users, and will of course link back to your site.

    Could you send me the files at your convenience?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards, Trine

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