March 19th, 2015

The Photography For Real Estate monthly competition is a jury judged real estate photo contest held every month. Please follow the following if you’d like to participate.

Contest Schedule

  1. Entries can be made anytime the Contest Flickr group is open for posting. The contest will close at 24:00 UTC, 15th of every month. Here is the UTC time.
  2. The PFRE Jury votes on images from the 15th of the month through 23rd of each month.
  3. The winner is announced the on the around the 24th of the month.
  4. The jury listed below chooses the winner during the week after the contest is closed.
  5. The winner will be announced via a post on the PFRE blog.
  6. Every December a PFRE real estate photographer of the year will be chosen from all the monthly winners that year. Images are left in the contest Flickr group as a historical contest record.
  7. Check out the past winners here.

Contest Rules

  1. Entrants enter the PFRE still contest by joining the PFRE Real Estate Photographer of The Month Flickr Group and posting their entry directly. For identification and communication purposes, contestants MUST have their full name, location, website URL and email in their Flickr profile or in the description field of their entry. Entries without this will be deleted before voting starts.
  2. By entering this contest, contestants agree to have their photo posted on for the purpose of recognition and historical record of the winners and agree to release Larry Lohrman and PFRE Media LLC from any liability resulting from any infringement of the submitted image by any third party. 
  3. Only one entry per month per contestant is allowed.
  4. Each month there will be a different theme for the photo. See the Theme Schedule listed below.
  5. There are no restrictions about commenting.
  6. It is the intention that both the photography and the post-processing for images all be done by the person that posts the image.
  7. This competition is void where prohibited by law. 
  8. Any juror who enters a photo in the contest cannot vote for their own photo.

Theme Schedule

  1. January: Twilight exterior shots
  2. February: Living room or Family room
  3. March: Kitchen
  4. April: Master bedroom
  5. May: Interior with breathtaking view
  6. June: Foyer – that is the entry area to a property
  7. July: Master bath
  8. August: Daylight exterior
  9. September: Patio deck or garden space
  10. October: Elevated exterior shot- Pole Aerial Photography, Aerial or UAV
  11. November: Open – that is, any real estate shot you want to enter
  12. December: Voting for PFRE Photographer of the year among monthly winners from the previous 11 months.

The Distinguished PFRE Jury

The following jury is a combination of past winners and long time PFRE contributors. All of these jurors are long time real estate photographers:

  1. Sylvia Guardia M. – San Jose, Costa Rica
  2. Sean Gallagher – Dallas, TX/Beverly Hills, CA
  3. Wayne Capilli – Monterey, CA
  4. Milton Lowe – Hobart, Tasmania, AU
  5. Dave Rezendes – Honolulu, HI
  6. Ron Kenny, Seattle, WA
  7. Scott DuBose – San Jose, CA
  8. Linda Sabiston, Sunshine Coast, BC
  9. Tyra Pacheco – Acushnet, MA
  10. Scott Hargis – Oakland, CA
  11. Nick Jones – San Diego, CA
  12. Daniel Milstein – New York, NY
  13. Michael Yearout – Breckenridge, CO
  14. Steven Reed – San Diego, CA
  15. Nick De Clercq – Ghent, Belgium, EU
  16. Steve Carroll – San Diego, CA
  17. Iran Watson – Marietta, GA
  18. Anders Carlson – Kona, HI
  19. Matt Waclo – Reno, NV
  20. Ethan Tweedie – The Big Island, HI
  21. Craig Ryder – SW Michigan
  22. Jason Roehner – Tempe, AZ
  23. Charles Lynch – Adelaide, AU
  24. Dan Ryan – NJ
  25. Tony Colangelo – Victoria, BC
  26. Aaron Flores – Tempe, AZ
  27. Ron Putnam – Chico, CA
  28. James Governali – Long Island, NY
  29. Adrian Jones – Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa
  30. George Gutenberg – Palm Springs, CA
  31. Ryan Wicks – East Sussex, UK
  32. Kate Benjamin – Birmingham, MI
  33. Barry MacKenzie – London, ON
  34. Mike Leland – Tucson, AZ
  35. Terry Burger – Atlanta, GA
  36. Seth Parker – Huntsville, AL
  37. Brandon Cooper – Fort McMurry, Alberta
  38. Richard Hookway – Hampshire, UK
  39. Hamish Beeston – Bristol, UK
  40. Kerry Bern – Ankeny, Iowa
  41. Thomas Grubba – San Francisco, CA
  42. Jenn Verrier – Arlington, VA

Winners Receive

  1. A large Photoshop file of the real estate photographer of the month logo for use on your website and advertising.
  2. An entry on the PFRE Best-of-the-best page that contains your winning photo and a link to your website.
  3. A PFRE post that features your business.
  4. An invitation to participate on the PFRE Jury.
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