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Getting Started With Property Video?

June 21st, 2016

Caleb is thinking about adding property video to his services. He says: I have been thinking about adding property videos. I have looked at all the information you have on the blog, but I was wondering what gear you and the amazing people here on the PFRE blog would recommend for someone just getting started. […]

Property Video That Doesn’t Attempt To Be Entertaining Is In High Demand If Done Well!

June 17th, 2016

For a number of months now I’ve been featuring some of my favorite property video. A couple of weeks ago Fred Light, who I believe is the father of property video, pointed out that: Real estate videos are generally not produced for ‘entertainment’.  Having a bunch of photographers, videographers and friends give their opinion of a […]

Palawan Timelapse In Port Barton, The Philippines By Allan MacKenzie

June 3rd, 2016

Last week I was looking at Allan MacKenzie‘s new website and noticed that Allan has one of my favorite little videos from a shoot he did back in 2013 on a Palawan Island in the Philippines in his portfolio. I wanted to do another post on this video (I did one here on PFRE back in […]

The Truth 24 times A Second By Michael and Nory at Uneek Luxury Tours

May 27th, 2016

This last week a recent property video by Michael and Nory at caught my attention. I’ve followed Michael and Nory’s work for a number of years. They shoot only the very upper-end homes in Florida and have a very distinctive style. Simple, punchy, background music and editing. Mostly cinematic moves. And Michael’s unique exposure […]

Is It Possible To Go Too Far When Using Video To Promote Property?

May 20th, 2016

Dave in Perth sent me a link to this video of a property currently on the market in Hollywood Hills LA, just above Sunset Blvd and wanted to know, does this video go too far? My opinion is, no, it has a little surprise that sneaks up on you at the end. But, the production […]

Online Real Estate Video Class By Grant Johnston

May 11th, 2016

I’ve been talking to Grant Johnston down in Queenstown, NZ (at the South end of the South Island) the last few days about his new online video class on how to shoot real estate video. Grant has been a freelance cameraman for the last 18 years so he has a very diverse background in the […]

How Long Should A Property Video Be?

May 1st, 2016

Peter who is new to video but not new to photography asks a classic question about property video: …the main question on everyone lips is “How long should a real estate video be?” followed by “my brother in law (or fill in the relationship) says no online video should be longer than ___ (fill in […]

Video of A Luxury Condo In Rio Shot With Only A Phantom 3 and DJI Osmo

April 28th, 2016

A while back we discussed the short comings of shooting inside with a DJI Osmo. Zoltan Prepszent of in Maimi saw that post and sent me another example of what he did with the DJI Osmo. Zoltan says: The reason I am writing you is that I remember an earlier article when someone was […]

iPlayerHD Introduces FrameCatch™ The World’s Only Video Image Frame Catching and Sharing Tool

March 9th, 2016

iPlayerHD just recently introduced a feature called FrameCatch™ which when you have it turned on in your video allows viewers to capture any frame in the video. While you can use the frame to share on social media, the FrameCatch™ feature is more about grabbing images of property that viewers are interested in and sharing it with […]

What Camera Settings Should You Use To Shoot A Glidecam Walkthrough Video?

March 6th, 2016

Diane in Colorado asks: I plan to shoot both photo and video for my real estate clients and am wondering what camera settings I should use when shooting glide cam video for a walk through style video? (meaning the lighting conditions will be changing from room to room) Also, what frame rate is typical for […]

What Kinds Of Stabilizers Are Property Video Shooters Using?

February 22nd, 2016

Last week Robert asked: I am looking to enter the field of real estate video.  I was wondering what is the cheapest and best 3 axis hand held gimbal you or your readers might recommend – or would a good dolly work for interiors. I shoot primarily with the Canon 5D Mark III and a […]

Zillow Announces A Feature That Allows Agents To Create Walk Through Video On Listings

February 17th, 2016

Joel in Boca Raton, Florida pointed out to me that yesterday (February 16) Zillow announced a new feature that allows listing agents to use the Zillow Smartphone App to shoot a video walkthrough of their listing, edit the video and post it on the Zillow listing. The videos must be less than 2 minutes and […]

How To Shoot Time-lapse Video

February 1st, 2016

Robert, who asked about getting started with real estate video a a while back also wanted to know how to shot time-lapse video. Time-lapse is a little different from shooting normal video so I thought I’d do a separate post on the subject. Time-lapse video is basically a frame shot every so many seconds over […]

Resources For Getting Started In Real Estate Property Video

January 20th, 2016

Robert is looking for some resources for getting started in real estate video. He says: I’m chopping at the bit to learn more on video and how to use it for real estate. I need baby steps and Adobe Elements is too intimidating for me. In addition to performing simple cuts, jump cuts, blends, text […]

Examples Of Real Estate Video Shot With The DJI OSMO

November 22nd, 2015

Back in October I did a post on the introduction of the DJI OSMO. Just recently both Jim Barnes and Fred Light shared some of their real estate video done with the OSMO. Here are their videos: Jim Barnes’s test video Fred Light’s test video Here are Jim’s comments on the DJI OSMO: