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Get Your Local NAR Involved In Your State’s Discussion About Drone Legislation

February 24th, 2014

In a post last week I suggested pointed out that: Anyone interested in commercial use of RCMA in the future should be tracking legislation in their state and be giving regular rational input to their state legislators on the subject to counterbalance all the irrational input they are getting. Because states are under pressure to […]

Resources For Tracking State And Federal Laws Affecting Real Estate Photography With RCMA

February 20th, 2014

Legal related to real estate photography and videography in the US are happening fast these days. Too fast for me to give total coverage. So rather than try to cover everything with posts on here on the PFRE blog, I’m using Twitter ( ) to cover all the important issues and events that may affect real […]

Real Estate Videography With A Quadcopter In Vancover BC

January 12th, 2014

Special agents Jordan and Russ Macnam of Vancouver, BC are creating a buzz in the Vancouver, BC real estate market with their new DJI Phantom Quadcopter drone and a GoPro 3 Black edition. Here is a Vancouver news story about their new real estate marketing tool. In Canada they actually have rules and procedures setup to […]

Everyone Is Doing What They Want With Real Estate Videography Drones

December 26th, 2013

Several Readers pointed out the Dec 23rd article in on I think this is a noteworthy article for several reasons: It’s focus is specifically on shooting real estate with small UAVs. There are lots of articles on drones in general, this is one of the few that is reporting specifically on UAV use in shooting […]

How Long Will Real Estate Photography UAVs For Hire Have To Fly In Legal Limbo?

November 10th, 2013

Apparently the short answer is for another two years. Last Thursday the FAA released a Road Map document that generally lays out a general plan for Integration of Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the National Airspace System (it’s two years late on this milestone). To me, the language of the Road Map is disappointingly fuzzy […]

Interview With Brendan Schulman About Pirker v FAA Case

November 5th, 2013

This is a recent interview by Luke Rudkawski at the Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference in New York City. Luke is interviewing Brendan Schulman who is the attorney for Raphael Pirker  the defendant in the Pirker v FAA case that I discussed back in Sept. For more details on this case and how it relates […]

The Legal Argument Against The FAA Shutdown Of Commercial UAVs

October 9th, 2013

Here is and update on the legal fight going on against the FAA regarding the shutdown of US airspace to commercial UAVs. A couple of weeks ago I reported that “Trappy” of Team Blacksheep (Swiss citizen, Raphael Pirker) was in the process of fighting the FAA in court and that the essence of his legal argument was that […]

FAAs Policy Against Flying Commercial UAVs May Not Be Enforceable Law

September 24th, 2013

For some time I’ve heard claims that the Policy of the FAA regarding Flying Commercial UAVs has legal issues. But recently I discovered a quote on that give this claim a considerably more weight. Here is the quote: I’m a lawyer and in a position to clear up a couple of things, for educational […]

If You Don’t Charge For Real Estate UAV Videography Will The FAA Consider You Commercial?

September 16th, 2013

I’ve been thinking recently that it would be nice to get a statement from the FAA about their attitude about enforcement of their “no commercial UAVs” rule since they seem to be very inconsistent about enforcement of the rule, there is a huge increase in UAVs, and it’s going to be a year or more […]

Oregon And Texas Ban Photographing From Drones

June 11th, 2013

It is now pretty clear that what you can do with a real estate photography drone will pretty much depend on what state you doing it in, not so much what the FAA ends up doing. The FAA is taking so long every state in the US will have it’s own state law before the […]

FAA Says Later This Year Commercial Drone Laws For Small Drones Will Be Released For Public Comment

May 30th, 2013

I know there is a bunch of you out there waiting to hear about news on when it’s going to be legal to fly Drones to photograph real estate. As this article suggests, there’s plenty of demand for video from real estate drones. For that reason I wanted to pass on an article by Paul Hagey […]

Vince DeStefano Gets A Ready To Fly Steadi 470 UAV For Under $3,500 AUD

May 1st, 2013

Long time readers an members of the PFRE flickr group know Vince DeStefano of Melbourne. Vince has contributed many articles on aerial real estate photography and Pole Aerial Photography over the years. Recently Vince has invested in a UAV system for his real estate photography business (you can do that if your business is in […]

Make The Most Of Your Plane Rental – Do You Need An Aerial Near SFO?

April 28th, 2013

Here’s an idea that I just got from Scott Hargis that can help cover your plane rental if you are going up to shoot an aerial shot. Send out an e-mail to all your regular customers and every listing agent that has a high-end listing in your area. Offer to shoot their current listings while you’re up. Notice […]

A Behind The Scenes Look At A UAV Shoot By Allan MacKenzie

April 9th, 2013

I was talking to Allan MacKenzie today and he was saying: UAV photography has exploded for RE down under. They are popping up everywhere mostly for aerial front shots. Not everyone is licensed and civil aviation approved but we are, and I sell this as a point of difference in the marketplace for example – […]

State Regulation Of UAVs Not Legal + FAA Grounds Another Real Estate Photographer

March 17th, 2013

The Good News: via In a recent public hearing on the proposed New Hampshire State NH House Bill 619-FN (the proposed bill prohibiting images of a person’s residence to be taken from the air) New Hampshire State legislators were educated by a Brigadier General from the US Army. He reminded the NH House Criminal Justice and […]