Both PFRE Monthly Contests Are Now Open

January 5th, 2017

Just a reminder that both PFRE monthly contests are now open:

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One Response to “Both PFRE Monthly Contests Are Now Open”

  • I work in a market where home prices are low and most agents won’t justify the price of a professional quality photo session. I work on the cheap but still stive to continually upgrade the level of product I deliver without adding too much time onto my existing shoot. Some time back I purchased an Alzo Flip Flash Backet with umbrella holder. I tried it a few times but found that for too much of the time the umbrella is in the way. I am considering making another run at it and wondered if there were others who used this bracket or regularly shoot with umbrella. I would like to try and soften the light. Additionally, I am shooting more HDR on Tripod but there is a tripod mount on the end of this. Any thoughts are welcome?


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