January PFRE Video Contest Extended Through February 23rd

February 12th, 2016

VideoContestJust a reminder that the January PFRE video contest has been extended through February since we only have 3 video contestants. That is, the video contest will be open through February 23rd.

For instructions on how to post you video to the contest pool, see the PFRE video contest rules page.

As described on the video contest rules page contestants now post their own videos in the Flickr Contest group. So far this has worked very well.

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2 Responses to “January PFRE Video Contest Extended Through February 23rd”

  • Larry,
    I know you’ve covered this but I did not find it. Where are the limits & conditions for PFRE Contest videos and photos posted, (e.g., max age, topic/subject matter, video length, whether special features like panorama, 3D video, etc.)? Thank you. -Lee

  • @Lee – The only limits are that entries must be property videos (short videos that market real estate), not 360’s, Matterports, etc. Look at the past winners (http://photographyforrealestate.net/video-contest-winners/) to get a feel for what the judges expect. The judges are all past winners that made these videos.

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