What is The Best Lens For Real Estate Photography

May 6th, 2008

I get asked this question all the time and there are an amazing number of Google searches this site catches with these question as the search term.

Of coarse there is no simple answer. The answer depends on your budget and what kind of DSLR body you have. I use to have a real estate camera table that listed a number of choices for real estate cameras. But I discontinued it about a year ago because it had a bunch of point-and-shoot cameras on the list and I wanted to stop recommending any point and shoot cameras. I’ve decided to build a list of DSLRs and a list of wide-angle lenses. In keeping with my theory that your wide-angle glass is the most important piece of equipment a real estate photographer owns I’ve started to build a wide-angle lens table first.

Each lens has a link to check the price and I’d like to give the lens a rating link in the center column but I have to find way to give all the lenses in the list a rating. This may be a mixture of lens rating sites… haven’t decided yet. My goal is to bring together all the information one needs to know to make an intelligent decision on which wide-angle lens to buy.

10 Responses to “What is The Best Lens For Real Estate Photography”

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  • Great list Larry. I’m pretty sure the Nikon 17-55 is NOT a full frame lens though.

  • What about Canon 24mm f/3.5L tilt shift, anybody has experience with it?

  • Peluso- Yes, indeed the Canon 24mm TS is an awesome lens and works well for real estate photography (as long as you are using it on a full frame body). I have it on my lens page: http://photographyforrealestate.net/lenses/
    I didn’t talk about it in this post because it is more expensive than most real estate photographers are going to purchase. It is tack sharp and 24 mm is wide enough for most

    If there is any downside of this lens it is there will be some situations where you want to go wider than 24mm.

  • Thank you Larry, but what happen if I do not use a full frame body?

  • I use a Tokina 11-16 on my DX Nikon and I find that I am at 11 quite often and sometimes wish I could go just a touch past 11. I think the new nikon 10-24 would be a little better, but, you lose a little low light performance – I haven’t needed the Tokina @ 2.8 as much as I would like to have the extra mm down at 10 on the new(ish) Nikon lens. Mostly tripod shooting in a home any way -plus the Tokina won’t autofocus on the D40/60/5000 models.

  • Have seen some 10mm wide photos and whoa (grabbing hold of room doorway to steady self) cartoon proportions. Makes it get noticed but you feel like Alice with one of mother’s little helper pills the Stones sing about.

  • personally im a big fan of the canon 10-22mm wide lense for my 60D. cant go wrong for real estate, you dont need better equipment than that for real estate in my opinion.

  • I use the Tokina 11-16mm with my D7000 and find the 11-16mm range to work great for the majority of my shots. And I can see about 9.63% of real estate photographers agree…